This Is The Story Of Diamonds And How They Have Changed The World

The fascination for diamonds began in India among the upper social classes of the country, but little by little they were introduced along with other exotic goods to the medieval markets of Western Europe. By the 1400’s, diamonds began to gain traction as fashion accessories among the upper classes of Europe.

In 1477, Archduke Maximilian I of Hamburg proposed to his great love, the heir to the House of Burgundy, Duchess Maria, with the first diamond engagement ring. In this way, the love story of Maximiliano and María was the beginning of a tradition full of promises of love, sparkles and kisses that has persisted for more than 500 years.

In 1477, the Archduke Maximilian I of Hamburg proposed marriage (through emissaries and ambassadors) to the Duchess Maria of Burgundy – whom he did not know – with a diamond ring that he gave to his father, Charles the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy. The ring was not your typical engagement ring with a large diamond on top, but rather were tiny diamonds that formed an “M”.

The diamond engagement ring that we all know was an invention of the De Beers miner with the collaboration of the New York advertising agency NW Ayers. A totally different product to everything that was known at that time.

De Beers not only invented the engagement ring, he did something much smarter, he invented the myth that surrounds engagement rings. I create a way to emotionally force people to buy diamonds, reinventing the idea that diamonds are a necessity rather than a frivolity.

The advertising agency NW Ayer, was the first to use innovative techniques such as social psychology and product research. They employed, if not invented, product placement, gifting diamond rings to movie stars and paying the media to showcase artists using the diamonds.

The organic process of diamond formation requires 4 ingredients: carbon, pressure, heat and time. All natural diamonds were created 1 to 3 billion years ago deep in the earth (160 kilometers under the earth’s mantle), at a temperature of at least 400 ° C with a pressure of 19,910,345 kilos per square meter (30 kilobars) .

Diamonds are an allotrope of carbon, which means that they are one of the many forms that this element can take. Other allotropes of carbon are carbon, soot, and graphite (which is what pencil tips make). Technically diamonds are just very, very, very compressed pieces of carbon.

Carbon is an element that is found in almost everything, even in the composition of the human body. It is a component of the atmosphere, the oceans, and many of the life forms on the planet.

The diamonds emerged from the depths of the Earth through the chimneys of kimberlite, (a type of volcanic igneous rock) that form the roots of certain super powerful volcanoes that go up to 3 times deeper than large volcanoes such as Mount Saint Helena. When those volcanoes erupted millions of years ago, they brought diamond kimberlites to the surface.

But diamonds do not come out of the ground as we see them in jewelry stores, in reality, if you saw a rough diamond you would not recognize it as such. After they are pulled out of the ground, these stones must be exfoliated, cut and polished to transform into the bright and attractive diamonds that we know.

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The Online and Offline Store Solutions

The Online and Offline Store Solutions

There is a big price difference between physical and online stores. There are reports of products with a difference of more than $2,000.00 when purchased in installments at a physical store using the booklet.

The stock is also much more varied in a store on the internet than in a physical store electric pressure cooker malaysia, both in models, as in colors and sizes. You need to be sure now about the

The Future is Now: The Tech Trends Reshaping Retail - Supply Chain 24/7

 benefit of shopping online.

Ease and convenience when comparing prices

When you are going to compare prices in a physical store, you need to make a pilgrimage from store to store, walking, researching and getting tired.

On the internet there is the advantage of having easier to quickly compare prices in a few minutes, and in several stores through searches. And the more information you have about the product you want to buy, the better, the faster you will find it.

There are search engines that bring together several stores about a certain product with detailed information and prices for the last days, weeks and months.

Comfort when buying

This is one of the biggest reasons for many to choose to buy online: buy and receive the product in the comfort of your home or office, without having to face traffic and queues.

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Greater variety of products

Many online stores have a wide variety of products, prices and brands on the same website. This is to make conversions easier, because if a consumer finds everything he needs in one place, there is no need for him to deal with different shipping prices or leave the store in search of the product elsewhere.

  • Another important point to note is that many are under the illusion that things on the internet are expensive and that it is best to buy in the big markets, hypermarkets and physical stores, as they are cheaper and more comfortable, because they are close to home etc.
  • This is not always true, because what you spend on time, transportation, fuel, in addition to having to face queues, push-push, crowded parking lots, impatient people, excessive heat, salespeople chasing you and insisting that you buy (or ignore you) completely) and other inconveniences, it’s not worth it.
  • In online stores you don’t have to face any of this, in addition to having a much wider range of products and ease of payment, which makes the shopping experience unlimited and comfortable.
  • So it is worthwhile to buy everything you need on the internet, because the benefits that this can provide for your well-being, security, personal satisfaction and privacy you will never find in a physical store. Think about it!

In general, enterprises that invest in this  means of payment  offer the possibility of splitting a purchase more often than would be possible using a common credit card – and without interest.

Attracts more customers

Attracting more customers is a natural consequence when payment terms are simplified. In fact, the credit facility is something that attracts, in particular, the unbanked and low-income population, since the brand will create the opportunity for these people to make their purchases with greater financial comfort.

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Quick tips to change the game at an online casino

Advantages of Online Gambling

You may be a beginner or a professional Gambler, but you need the tips and tricks to win a gambling game. It’s mandatory to get good tips or keep some facts in mind to follow the right strategy. If you are thinking about how to win at an online casino 996 mmc, you should follow all these mentioned tips-

Make it big

The average slot machines are costlier as compared to table games. It can go up to the heart twice as much as the table on the cost to you. It mandatory to consider the cost of every table wants comes to play the game. During the gameplay, you should concentrate on better or boost the chances of winning the gameplay between 15 to 20%.

The practice is what you want

It’s Paramount to do practice when you are choosing an online casino to play gambling games. You can choose to play several games, but you make sure to practice before starting the gameplay. Online casinos generally provide profits on video poker, and most of the players are not skilled enough to get right. So, make sure to learn enough about a particular game, or you can win. 

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Better watch

When choosing the best casino online, you have to watch out for all the factors. It’s Paramount to consider all these factors when it comes to finding the best Casino. It may be the best tips on how to choose the right casino without any doubts. So you have to keep an eye on all the facts that will help you choose the right gambling casino to play at games. 

Know when to say when 

It’s a while considered a factor that you have to watch out for when you want to enjoy the gambling game. It means you have a good chance of winning the game in the first second or last spin. Do not make a habit of playing forever because if you do, the house will button take all of the chips. So you have to be within Limit, or if you want to raise the bar, you can push the limits.

Some casinos provide unique services. As well, you can enjoy special features at an online casino to make money. This is the reason that people would love to play Gambling games at online Casinos. One can review the distinctive features and choose whether you want to worth your time.

There is no need to always communicate with a support team. When you might forget the password or get the details about previous account transactions, you can contact them. In different cases, some issues are handled immediately. With a reputed online Casino, you can reach to the customer support team or get real-time help.

If you are seeking tips on how to win at an online casino, you can follow these most successful tips that always worked. You would win by following the tips rightly. So, you can follow these tips and tricks during the gameplay on the online Casino website. 


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Famous Jewels That Have Made History – Relics Of Humanity

Jewelry has always been a very valuable item for most civilizations. Gemstones have served as a decorative element but are also a symbol of power and wealth. Hence, they are not considered as simple accessories and have been used for years by monarchs, aristocrats and families of high society.

But did you know that there are famous jewels that have gone down in history? These relics are invaluable for having been present at exceptional events in history or for having been worn by highly relevant characters. These historical jewels are protected with maximum security due to their high economic and symbolic value. Do you want to know what jewelry we mean? Argimiro Jeweler makes you a selection of the 4 most valuable relics of humanity.

The Hope Diamond

It is a spectacular diamond with a macabre legend behind. It is said that a priest stole it from a shrine that paid tribute to the Hindu goddess Sita, and that when ruthlessly extracted, the goddess cursed everyone who possessed it. And although this is only a legend, the reality is that a series of terrifying events occurred when someone had it in their possession. For example, Jean Baptiste Tefernier, the smuggler who was in charge of transporting the Hope diamond from Asia to Europe, died during that same trip, eaten by a pack of dogs.

Later the diamond was bought by the monarch Louis XIV and coincided with the death of several of his young children. Years later, Louis XIV would give this jewel to Marie Antoinette of Austria , whose death we all know.

Apart from belonging to great figures of the monarchy, this diamond has also traveled through the hands of the banker Henry Thomas Hope, the American magnate Ned McLean and the jeweler Harry Winston. The latter was in charge of donating it in 1958 to the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution (United States) where the jewel rests to this day.

The Pilgrim Pearl.

Does the name of the Peregrina pearl sound familiar to you? It is one of the most important famous jewels of the Royal House of Spain because it is considered one of the best pearls in the world. Its peculiarity lies in its teardrop shape , something that is very difficult to find. The Peregrina pearl traveled from Panama (her country of origin) to Spain where it was worn by several queens who fell in love with it. María Tudor, Isabel de Borbón or Isabel I of Portugal were some of the lucky ones who wore it as a necklace during ceremonies and parties.

After Elizabeth Taylor’s death, the pearl went up for auction and was eventually sold for a price of 9 million euros.

Lady Di’s Ring

One of the most famous rings in history is the one Diana herself chose from a catalog when Charles of Wales proposed to her. Lady Di fell in love with this 18-carat blue sapphire encased in 14 diamonds. The ring became a very popular jewelry piece worldwide and became one of the most desired jewelry in the world.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular rings in history and also one of the most desired as replicas can be found at a more affordable price as an engagement ring .

Fabergé Easter Eggs.

Fabergé Easter eggs are jewels that have undoubtedly gone down in history as a symbol of Tsarist Russia. Beyond being jewels of high economic value, they are considered works of art for their artistic details. In total Fabergé created 69 Easter eggs, but when the tsarist family fell, they were looted and distributed throughout the world.

Although the whereabouts of many of them are unknown, it has been recognized that Queen Elizabeth II of England owns three Fabergé Easter eggs.

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